Fifth Generation

102. Betty Kroese was born on 1 November 1924 on the family farm in rural Adams, Gage County, Nebraska. She graduated in 1942 from Adams High School, in Adams, Gage County, Nebraska.

Betty Kroese and Harold Harms were married on 1 December 1943 at Pella Reformed Church in the Pella community, rural Adams, Lancaster County, Nebraska. They started married life on a farm near Adams, Gage County, Nebraska. The happy couple moved to Paoli, Phillips County, Colorado in 1944 with his parents, his brother and his uncle Frank. They where employed in the area for some time and later owned and operated a grain farm for 30 years. Harold's asthma was a consideration in their decision to relocate to a dryer climate and his asthma was much improved in the Colorado climate. They lived in retirement in Haxtun, Phillips County, Colorado and enjoyed traveling in one of their Buick antique automobiles in Buick caravans. They were active members at the Haxtun Methodist church were Betty played the organ.
Harold Harms, son of Gustav Harms and Clara Biesemier, was born on 5 July 1924 on the family farm in Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska. He received elementary education at Hopewell Country School, rural Adams, Gage County, Nebraska. He graduated in 1942 from Adams High School, in Adams, Gage County, Nebraska, where he met the love of his life at the age of 14. They dated through high school and married soon after. Harold served in the United States Army at Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma.. Harold had been classified 4F and not eligible for the Military draft in Nebraska due to his asthma. On arriving in Colorado he was required to register again and was classified 1A and was immediately drafted and sent to Fort Sill at Lawton, Oklahoma for training. Betty joined him there and worked as a department store sales clerk. When it came time for Harold's unit to ship to Europe he was in the hospital recovering from an asthma attack so he remained in Fort Sill and continued to be stationed there for the duration of his military service and was an aircraft mechanic until his discharge.
He was a person of many talents. He was primarily a farmer and worked in the off season as a carpenter building houses and apartments and doing remodeling work. He owned and operated a mechanic shop in Paoli for a time, doing maintenance on automobiles and farm equipment. He built walnut furniture in his shop in his spare time and later restored Buick automobiles. It is interesting to note that walnut lumber taken from trees on the Kroese's farm near Adams, Nebraska served as the raw material for the grandfather clocks and other walnut furniture items he built.
Through the years, Harold was involved in the Masonic Lodge, Lions Club, United Methodist Church, Highline Board, Flying Farmers, Hicks n' Chicks Square Dance Club and Buick Club to name a few of his interests. His hobbies included hunting, fishing, spending time with friends, flying his airplane, square dancing, woodworking, stained glass and collecting and restoring Buicks.
He died on 10 February 2007 at the age of 82 at his home in Haxtun, Phillips County, Colorado. He was buried in the Posegate Cemetery, Paolia, Phillps county, Colorado.

Betty Kroese and Harold Harms had the following children:



Kenneth Harms.



Kathy Harms.