First Generation

1. Herman Bernard Fischer was probably born in 1800 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands. He died on 6 February 1869 at the age of 69 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.1 His death notice in the Netherlands Civil Registry list his parents as Herman Fischer and Christina Bruins. Little is known about Herman Bernard Fischer at this time other than the fact that he is our ancestor. The Netherlands civil registry records confirm that fact. Those records list his work as "manufacturing" which means he worked in a factory. Herman Bernard and Johanna Herneberg are listed as father and mother in the marriage record for Johan Hendrik Fischer and Hendrika ten Cate. We are of the opinion the Herneberg name is misspelled in this record, several other records show different spellings with Sterneborg being the most common. We know the Fischer name is a very common German name and that records we have of Herman indicate they were living in Groenlo which is near the German border. There is no on-line German civil registry. We are reasonably sure, but not certain, at this time that he was the first generation in our line to be in the Netherlands and the Netherlands civil registry does not show a Dutch ancestor living in the Netherlands.
However this becomes more difficult when we consider the following; In an attempt to explain how surnames were developed in the Netherlands and thereby increase our awareness of the difficulty in tracing Dutch ancestors. Netherlands law required that the given name of every infant, at birth, should be reported and recorded at the courthouse (Gemeente Huis). The date of birth was put on record along with the child's given name and surname. The Patronymic naming convention was used in the Netherlands until 1811 to determine the surname. With this convention the surname was the given name of the father with the letter "z or s" added. An example of the Patronymic naming method is as follows; If my name was Johan and my fathers name was Aart, my name would be Johan Aartz meaning Johan son of Aart. If my grandfathers name was Willem, my fathers name would be recorded as Aart Willems, meaning Aart son of Willem. As you can see tracing the ancestors of families before standard surnames were adopted is very difficult.
The French, under Napoleon I, conquered the Netherlands in 1795 and ruled it until the defeat of Napoleon in 1814. The French naming convention used a system of "Surnames" and they converted all the countries they conquered to this surname convention. On August 18, 1811 a decree was issued by Napoleon I which required the Netherlands to convert to the French system of Surnames. The decree required the oldest male member (father, or son if the father was deceased) of each family select and record a surname of his own choice. If a person or family migrated to the Netherlands, prior to the Napoleon decree, from a country that used the surname naming convention method they could continued to use that surname. An example of this is "Fischer" which was a common German name. So while we know "Fischer" is a common German name we do not know how the use of it came about for our ancestors. Johan Hendrik was born in 1831 so that could put the birth and/or marriage of his parents, Herman Bernard and Johanna, in before the 1811 conversion period. The first records we find use the surname "Fischer" are after 1811 date. We do not know for sure if the surname was the result of conversion from a Patronymic name or if their surname was established in another country and brought with them to the Netherlands.

Herman Bernard Fischer and Johanna Sterneborg were married in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands. Johanna Sterneborg born in 1805 in Weerdt, Prussia1 The Dutch to English translation software indicates the name is of German origin. She died on 6 March 1873 at the age of 68 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.1 Her death notice in the Netherlands Civil Registry list her parents as Bernard Sterneborg and Aleida Lensing.

Herman Bernard Fischer and Johanna Sterneborg had the following children:



Herman Bernard Fischer.



Herman Frederik Fischer.



Aleida Johanna Fischer was born in 1829 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands. She died on 31 August 1830 at the age of 1 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.



Johan Hendrick Fischer.



Aleijda Fischer.



Johanna Fischer.



Herman Fischer was born in 1840 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.1 He died on 9 April 1886 at the age of 46 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.



Abraham Fischer was born in 1846 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands. He died on 1 November 1922 at the age of 76 in Borne, Overijssel Province, Netherlands.